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Reasons Why People Update Their Software [Humorous Chart]

That sounds about right…

Reasons I update software [via MakeUseOf]

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  • Published 04/24/12

Comments (15)

  1. Odin

    im not sure whichone i am, i just want the update for the purpose of having the newest version. i feel incomplete when i see an update notification.

  2. jay

    Same as Odin ^

  3. oktboer


  4. n4terz

    This is like getting a voice mail and only checking it to do away with the notification.

  5. woodwalker

    Same as Odin, but I also update because I want to have the security patches and bug fixes. Also, that damn notification gets on my nerves. I upgrade Roboform ritualistically, because I do not want my info stolen due to an update that I didn’t install.

  6. Mark


  7. Mark

    Wow, they took it down already!

  8. 4G Reaper

    They’re quick when it comes to moderation, they don’t mess around.

    I always do updates just to make my computer stop bugging me. Nothing super vital is stored so I’m not too concerned with privacy and security fixes.

  9. bayouborne

    ..because they play the FUD card, “Includes enhancements and important security updates”. If not for the “and important security updates” part I’d NEVER do the updates and thus never give them a chance to bloat/change/mangle something that’s been working perfectly fine.

    Worst offenders Java (Oracle) and Flash (Adobe) – Not coincidentally, two bits of software I am seriously considering uninstalling completely forever.

    Acrobat Reader’s a strong runnerup.

  10. Ashiq

    Just like the majority… I don`t want that pop-up message in the middle of my work

  11. Mike

    I am generally loathe to download updates because after I do very often I have problems.

  12. Bianca

    “This is like getting a voice mail and only checking it to do away with the notification.”

    ahahaha the same feeling here! god, i hate these notifications…

  13. Sream

    I only update if there’s a new interface tag listed in the changelog. :D

  14. aaa

    lol, really?..

    if anything its fun to chage program settings and disable the update nofiations and all that…. and the updates are the most fun thing of all, first you download or update then install and see whats new in good update..

    updates ftw!!!

  15. aaa


    lol same here mostly… if there’s a new GUI then its a must to download/update..

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