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Friday Fun: Slipe


In this week’s game your puzzle solving skills will be put to the test with this classic slider-style set of puzzles. Do you have what it takes to think ahead and preserve the sections you have already completed while moving the remaining game pieces into their proper places?



Slipe comes with twenty-five levels of puzzle solving goodness and will certainly keep you busy for a bit.

Note: You may want to turn the volume down to eliminate the music for the game since it can get to be a little bit irritating.


Here is what the first level looks like. All you need to do is move the game pieces up, down, left, or right so that you create a pipeline circuit between the two arrows highlighted below. Keep in mind that when you move a game piece, then the entire row or column will move with it.


Getting thereā€¦

Note: Game pieces shift to a blue background when they have made a correct (proper) connection to either of the arrows.




Once you complete a level you can move on to the next one or replay the current one.


On to the second level and a bit more of moving game pieces around to line the connection up just right.


One last move will finish the second level off.


Bring on the next level!


The third level gets more interesting since blank blocks are added into the mix. Good luck and have fun solving these brain teasers!


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Akemi Iwaya (Asian Angel) is our very own Firefox Fangirl who enjoys working with multiple browsers and loves 'old school' role-playing games. Visit her on Twitter and .

  • Published 04/20/12

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