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No Problems Here, Working Smooth as Silk [Humorous Image]

No reason for that drive to make any sounds louder than a whisper, right?

View a Slightly Larger Version of the Image

Why is there an amber light on the server? Owww… [via Fail Desk]

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  • Published 04/18/12

Comments (15)

  1. r


  2. asd

    i dont get the joke man :\

  3. theflash

    I’m guessing that the hard drive wasn’t working so someone opened it up and that’s the damage it had.

  4. coolkid3245

    @asd yeah, me too :(

  5. lizbit

    Hey asd, open up a hard drive and check the plate/disk it is meant to be shiny and smooth
    If that thing is working I want to see a video of it

  6. r

    @ all

    An amber light on any server or san usually means disk error in one of the slots. The disk in the picture has actually been etched by the reader/writer arm, which is not suppose to actually touch the disk.

    …I’m sure this was extremely noisy while the disk was spinning.

  7. GG

    That reminds me….time to change my brakes and put on a new rotor!

  8. Paul

    OK, so the disk is damaged. That doesn’t explain why the image is labelled “humorous”.
    Nothing funny here.

  9. Thompr

    @ADD & @COOLKID3245 The whole platter surface should be smooth like the areas without the grooves. Those grooves appear to have been etched in by the head’s arm. The only thing touching should be the back little coil. At the end, floating on the surface. That had to have made a horrendous scratching sound!! Not the kind of sound you want to hear, especially if you haven’t done backups!!!

  10. phillip

    I once had a client with a hard drive that would not spin up (stiction, we called it) I was able to open up the drive and manipulate enough to get it spinning. I was then able to keep it going long enough to copy the pertinent data over to another hard drive, just before the drive locked up for good!

    I know it is a major no-no to open the drive platters to the open air contaminants. But this is a true story, with a great ending, and one I will never forget!

  11. Merlynson

    No, the apparent damage on the disk is actual binary for the original joke of “My dog has no nose; so how does he smell?; terrible!”

  12. sudobash

    That hard-drive has not been in operation for a while I should say. There is dust on the inside and fingerprints on the platter. Perhaps this scraping was made by hand on purpose just to make a picture?

  13. Busy

    Waste of my time.

  14. Joebo

    Yeah, that’s real funny, ha, ha.

  15. stu

    @ Busy

    well, if it’s a waste of your time then why take the time to write about it?

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