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What if Google’s ‘Project Glass’ Ran on Windows? [Funny Video]

The tech sphere has been abuzz lately about Google’s new ‘Project Glass’, but what would happen if it ran on Windows?

You can view the original ‘Project Glass’ video below…

Windows Project Glass: One day too… [via Geeks are Sexy]

Project Glass: One day… [YouTube]

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  • Published 04/12/12

Comments (8)

  1. mark


  2. Romberry

    Didn’t really find that to be particularly funny. In fact, I thought it was pretty un-funny. Different strokes for different folks I guess…

  3. dima

    i thought it was pretty funny

  4. CMoon

    Funny! I like the BSD at end, but i see it almost everyday ;D

  5. Hunter

    Part 1: “Glass” is a horrible concept. It would integrate us into a computer system where we would have to interact with it at all times. How annoying and dangerous.

  6. Hunter

    Part 2: A funny video would be:
    Computer: Look out! There is a crack in the sidewalk.

    Me: What crack? What’s the deal, man?

    C: The nearest crack dealer is 1 block away on the left.

    C: You are heading toward the crack dealer. Are you sure you want to buy?

    Me: No! I am going to my girlfriend’s apartment!

    C: Girlfriends are also available. Ask your crack dealer for one.

    Me: NO! Those are hookers!

    C: You are hooked on crack. There is a rehab facility beside the crack dealer.

    Me: NO YOU STUPID %*$%*!@!!! I am not on crack!

    C: The first stage in overcoming addiction is denial.

    Me: WHAT!? I am not an addict!

    C: Oh. I am sorry. You were making an addition to your addiction. Herion is also available from your crack dealer.

    Me: (stomps on Google Glass computer) DIE YOU! DIE!

    C: Police are coming. Someone please help me. Crazed crack addict hacks up computer. Help. Help. Help.

  7. MO

    Hunter this is very funny man i couldnt stop laughing.

    this what i call a funny video, the windows video is not funny at all, I think it is a MAC fanboy creation ;)

    CMoon – you see the BSD everyday this is lame, you need to know what you doing with windows or stop using windows 2000 :D and check your hardware.
    i am running windows 7 for more than 2 years now with the same installation without a BSD

  8. Dave

    cmon guys, everyone knows the Microsoft jokes and BSOD. admittedly it has improved over the years but still funny. And yes I am a MS user. As for the Glass project, I can see it now with our crap wireless/3G networks in Australia.

    Glasses: The subway is closed
    Me: What I know, I was there 5 minutes ago.
    Glasses: This store has no location information, go and ask an employee
    Glasses: No network available…..
    Me: Why did I bother?

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