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How Linux is Built [Video]

Many of the devices that we use each day such as computers, mobile phones, televisions, and more run on Linux, but how is Linux built? This wonderful video from The Linux Foundation shows just how it is done.

How Linux is Built [via OMG! Ubuntu!]

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  • Published 04/10/12

Comments (20)

  1. fict10n

    HI, I believe geeks have not use flash ;-)

  2. Anix

    Woohoo! Great video, but terrible music choice. Just got my first “smart” phone about a month ago. It runs Android, and I’ve been beating myself since then for not getting one a long time ago.

  3. Ray

    Linux beats windows hands down.

  4. elazar55

    Linux is just a kernel, not an entire OS. Which makes your statement invalid (Unless you’re comparing Linux to WindowsNT kernel)
    I usually don’t correct people when they refer to GNU/Linux as just Linux, but I thought this time was appropriate :P

  5. r

    Yes, it’s released under the GNU GP License, making it most cost-effective for developers, manufacturers, & seller. Basically, it contributes in keeping the prices of all our electronic “toys” low, which is likely the main reason why it dominates in these areas.

  6. elazar55

    Unless you want to charge for the software itself, you won’t get very far ;)

  7. qtf

    if this is so great, why is nobody using it on the desktop?

  8. RougeCrown

    Linux might be the heaven for coders and casual users, but the lack of graphics software support meaning that designers and artists are stuck with Windows or MacOS forever.

    So yep, IMO windows > Linux, just from a practical point of view.

  9. Paul

    Look again… Lots of us are using it on the desktop, and more will follow.

    designers and artists — what’s practical about that?
    Linux and its various distros are perfect for “regular” users, you know the ones who aren’t designers and artists, but just use their pc’s for email and surfing.

  10. Thomas

    As long as gaming is not up to scratch with Linux , I’ll stick to Windows

  11. oosterhagen

    That’s Linux; (/ˈlɪnʊks/ LIN-uuks, or LEENuks) for you Anglesaxon morons… and not LAINEX.

  12. Rob

    Its anglosaxon NOT anglesaxon. Who said Lainex anyway..?

  13. Aelean

    Most games these days chine with LINUX support so LINUX > windows. So unless you’re still playing warcraft I, halo 1, or The original duke nukem, you should be fine

  14. Aelean

    *come, auto correct from my Android phone needs to be reworked a little apparently ;)

  15. Jon

    … and then the linux distros follow. I really wish linux distros were as optimized as Windows and iOS (it is very funny that they did not compare their phones with the iPhone but with currently emerging brilliant – the widnows phone-that will conquer the world with its lowest prices and a very stable OS architecture)(Aside from the reason Linux being so “stable” and “reliable”, is google’s flooding the market with big number of stuttering, non responding, crashing and battery draining devices).

    It is so bugging that they (the distros) can run only on certain hardware, which makes it a big disappointment. I had so much faith in Ubuntu and Linux mint, until I installed both of them and realized that they both do not support my hardware configuration, and unlike the video states, drivers do not come out as often as you think and when they come out they aren’t stable. It takes time, true, but sacrificing my time figuring out something that comes out of the box and gets turned on with a couple of clicks is a lot better imo.

    True, there is a big community to take care of different issues, but how much time are you willing to spend to tweak a code and how much of the replies will you understand is based on a background experience in programming, which is not common at all.

    As for the linux kernel, sure it’s lightweight and a recommendation to be put in use… however it does not target the regular consumer but the developers on the server’s side.

    In that case I believe that what this advertisement is kind of useless. Targeting the mainstream users with Linux is stupid. This and any other ads are like a homeless person trying to get some change and credit for being a very good human being.

  16. IT-FishGuy

    Drivers don’t come out due to M$ cornering the market on HW vendors. I’m a systems engineer and have supported Windows for more than a decade. It has it’s share of flaws and unneeded complexity. Linux also has it’d issues to, but it’s free and you are free to modify it as you see fit. Windows not so much and it seems to get more restrictive as time goes on. I now run Linux on all but one machine and it’s a gaming machine not on the Internet. It gets patched by a VM on a Linux box. I’m not really impressed with M$ business practices or some of the things I find within their OS. Each has it’s strengths and weaknesses. I have heard that if M$ windows 8 fails that their backup plan is to use Linux based alternatives which I am sure will be modified to no end. There was a leak out on Slashdot about it from an internal engineer at M$.

  17. rocky

    Thanks for giving the more information about the How Linux is Built [Video]

  18. Look at me if

    .. ok Still not impressive.

  19. sfp70

    Wow just because The pre-decodation of the letter nine of a calculator is 0101 how much time does it take to make linuix patch
    A: probally 10 minuites

  20. George

    If linux IS ready for the desktop, then both “I’m not ready for Linux” and “Linux isn’t ready for me” are correct.

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