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Week in Geek: Windows 8 Start Button Will not be Coming Back

Our first edition of WIG for April is filled with news links covering topics such as a U.S. based credit card processor for VISA and MasterCard has suffered a major breach, specs for a real Linux-powered Star Trek tricorder have been published, an FBI assistant director says that U.S. is not winning the war with hackers, and more.

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Weekly News Links

Original, unmodified clipart image courtesy of Open Clip Art Library.

  • Windows 8 Start button isn’t coming back, but there will be a tutorial
    The Start button won’t be coming back, no matter how much detractors of Windows 8’s new user interface would like it to. But to make the new operating system easier to understand for mouse and keyboard users, it will contain a tutorial to explain how things work.
  • Windows 8 Release Candidate rumored for June, retail release in October
    Windows 8 will enter the Release Candidate stage in late May or early June, according to a post made by over the weekend. This would mesh with an earlier rumor from Bloomberg that the software will be finished in the summer, with retail availability in October.
  • Firefox survives first round of surgery
    After years of tough competition from dominance-seeking Google Chrome and Internet Explorer, Mozilla faces a second year in a row of forced adaptations. Its aggressive Firefox 2012 development plan calls for surgeries both minor and radical to integrate many new pieces into the browser, but it may not survive post-op. At least, not as you know it.
  • Adobe Releases Last Linux Version Of Flash Player
    Adobe has released Flash Player version 11.2 with many new features. This is the last and final Flash Player release for the Linux platform and going forward there will be only security and bug fix updates.
  • LibreOffice collaboration over instant messaging demonstrated
    LibreOffice developers have demonstrated a proof-of-concept implementation of collaboration between office suite users over instant messaging, following some weeks of steady work by Eike Rathke and a week of intensive collaboration in Cambridge.
  • Red Hat: The first billion dollar Linux company has arrived
    Red Hat didn’t just break a billion dollars in annual earnings, it smashed its way pass a billion bucks with a fiscal year gross revenue of $1.13 billion, up 25% year-over-year.
  • How Linus Torvalds Helped Bust a Microsoft Patent
    Linus Torvalds just can’t help but be a thorn in Microsoft’s side. First, he created an open source project that completely upset Microsoft’s business model. And now, he has helped shoot down an important Microsoft patent in Redmond’s crusade to wring licensing dollars out of Google Android and other versions of Linux.
  • How I went 24 hours without tech (and lived to tell about it)
    The National Day of Unplugging has come and gone. Did Crave’s chief correspondent survive her 24-hour tech detox or buckle under the pressure? Read on to find out.
  • Researcher publishes specs for real Linux-powered Star Trek tricorder
    The Star Trek tricorder has become a reality, thanks to the hobby project of a cognitive science researcher. Dr. Peter Jansen has developed a handheld mobile computing device that has a number of sophisticated embedded sensors. The device is modeled after the distinctive design of the 24th-century tricorder.
  • Social analytics for recruitment inaccurate, breaches privacy
    The use of social analytics to assess job candidates is unreliable as it does not show the candidate’s full personality traits and may be deemed an intrusion on an individual’s personal life, social and recruitment experts point out. They advise that such tools should be used in conjunction with other recruitment tactics.
  • Protecting your Facebook privacy at work isn’t just about passwords
    If your employer gets to control the software on your computer it could be snooping on you at all times.
  • Report: Foursquare shuts off API for Girls Around Me app
    An app that employed Foursquare and Facebook data to show the real-time location of women has raised an uproar and is making people think about how social media exposes them.
  • U.S. ‘not winning’ war with hackers, says FBI bigwig
    Shawn Henry, executive assistant director at the FBI, says that the current methods used to stop hacking are “unsustainable.”
  • Security companies and governments conspire to discover and hide software vulnerabilities that can be used as spyware vectors
    The Electronic Frontier Foundation’s Marcia Hoffman writes about security research companies that work to discover “zero day” vulnerabilities in software and operating systems, then sell them to governments and corporations that want to use them as a vector for installing spyware.
  • Report details successful China-based cyber-espionage
    Online security company Trend Micro releases report uncovering ongoing campaign of infiltrating industrial sites in Japan and India and also targeting Tibetan activists.
  • Sophos warns of Twitter scam involving Draw Something
    New scam offers Draw Something fans a chance to win a nonexistent prize. The Pictionary-type game Draw Something is so popular it was only a matter of time before online scammers jumped on the bandwagon
  • Apparent Groupon hole exposes customer data
    At least one customer logs in and sees someone else’s credit card information and address.
  • MasterCard, VISA Warn of Processor Breach
    VISA and MasterCard are alerting banks across the country about a recent major breach at a U.S.-based credit card processor. Sources in the financial sector are calling the breach “massive,” and say it may involve more than 10 million compromised card numbers. Article includes multiple updates with new additional information.
  • New Java Attack Rolled into Exploit Packs
    If your computer is running Java and you have not updated to the latest version, you may be asking for trouble: A powerful exploit that takes advantage of a newly-disclosed security hole in Java has been rolled into automated exploit kits and is rapidly increasing the success rates of these tools in attacking vulnerable Internet users.
  • MacControl Trojan Being Used in Targeted Attacks Against OS X Users
    Welcome to the age of targeted attacks, Mac users. Perhaps having grown tired of owning Windows machines around the world for the last few years, attackers in China now have taken up the challenge of going after Macs with the same kind of targeted attack tactics that have served them so well in the Windows world.

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  • Published 04/1/12

Comments (11)

  1. r

    Well, if Win 8 initially installs with an interface that disregards classic users then it’s not an OS that I can use. My clients all need to work in various Autodesk, Adobe & MS programs that all demand the detail of a mouse & kboard. They need the Start Menu too for speed & accessibility. They basically need to do their work without having to deal with all these problems. What they don’t need is a touch screen interface with a bunch of boxes.

  2. Trevor


    All they have to do is click the windows key on the keyboard and then type in the name of the program they are looking for. Windows 7 automatically does a search. You can use a mouse and keyboard on windows 8 just fine.

  3. Trevor

    er that 7 should be 8.

  4. Joezy

    I feel like Windows 8, is the new Vista… I’ll be looking forward to windows 9 haha

  5. crab

    If the start button is gone for good, how about a tutorial on building a Hackintosh?

  6. r

    @ Trevor

    I understand all that clearly. If it were just a case of a few computers then this would not be a problem. However, I have to maintain many servers & workstations for several offices. Users are mostly architects, illustrators & designers who don’t care to learn a tutorial on new keyboard/mouse commands & interactions. They just need to get their work done, and I need to make sure that everything runs as easily & accessibly possible for them. I’m sure Win 8 will have it’s place among certain users, but for the time being, not mine.

  7. jon

    I don’t think that MS realizes the impact of the new UI. I am working with elders and they had had time getting used to the current UI. Throwing this at people will cause lots of confusion, I mean A LOT.

  8. pbug56

    I will not use WINDOZE 8 MUTRO unless Microsloth puts in an option for the START button. I don’t care what THEY want to accomplish. I want a computer that doesn’t need for users to relearn from scratch how to use, with a GUI that is comfortable and logical, and the MUTRO baby user interface is only good for toddlers. I don’t know anyone who has seen the new GUI that likes it. But even my 80 year old plus father in law who barely knows what a computer is can handle the current GUI. Same for my wife, who doesn’t know the difference between a computer and a hard drive!

  9. kelltic

    I’m one of those “elders” y’all are always yammering about. I’ve been using computer since the days of DOS. I promise you I could figure out how to use WIN 8. I don’t want to. I like digging around in my system and I like big screens, the more the better. I write, and I use spread sheets and data bases. I tweak my systems – XP and Win 7 so they have a look I like.

    Metro is BUTT ugly. Designed to web surf and social network and push users into the cloud – where I do NOT want to go.Where I do NOT want to keep all my hard work. Where I would eventually be charged monthly fees for everything from storing my files to using various applications. How stupid is that?

    Yes. I’m “older” so I approach change more cautiously than when I was young, NOT because I’ve grown stupider, but because experience has taught me that NEWER equals BETTER only about 70 percent of the time. This is NOT one of those times.

  10. Arston

    It isn’t, kelltic, you’re completely right.

    I really hope this is another “Vista” situation and Microsoft will go off that stupid road, but unfortunately I don’t see it. Also Vista introduced many new and good features over the old XP. Other than the freaking UI, 8 hasn’t brought it up THAT much. All the opinions I hear and read range from “I don’t mind” to “I hate it”.

  11. mma173

    I can live without the menu and actually think it is a good idea. However, the apps are not well integrated in Win 8 and are not working seamlessly with the old school applications. Therefore, I think MS should consider delaying the Metro till they have a better integration; otherwise, they will lose lots of there customers. I’m personally considering switching to Mac despite the fact I don’t like Apple.

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