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Awareness Makes Sure You’re Not Tuned Out While Listening to Music

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iOS: You want to listen to your music but you don’t want to be totally unaware of your surroundings. What do you do? Install Awareness, a simple app that will alert you if your device mic picks up loud noises.

Whether you want to fall asleep listening to some relaxing music while still hearing bumbs in the night or you want to listen to music when you’re out and about without being completely started by events your earbuds are filtering out. To use the app just run it in tandem with your music, adjust the sensitivity to account for the ambient sound, and you’re in business. If any sounds exceed that level, they’ll be piped in through your headphones to alert you.

Awareness is currently free in the App Store (down from a high of $6.99) so if you’d like to play around with it, now’s the time to grab a copy.

Awareness [via Addictive Tips]

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  • Published 03/26/12

Comments (3)

  1. JeremiahW

    Pretty cool, is there something like this for the PC?

  2. Iszi

    +1 @JeremiahW

  3. gifi4

    Is there anything available that can perform that task for PC and/or Android devices?

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