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The Best Countries for Doing Business in 2012 [Infographic]

Find out (or satisfy your curiosity) about the best countries for starting a business, ease of doing business, and more this year with this terrific infographic.

Note: Cropped version of infographic shown here due to image length.

View the Full-Size Version Here

Singapore Still the Best Place for Entrepreneurs [Infographic] & [via TinyHacker]

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  • Published 02/21/12

Comments (6)

  1. kbiel

    Who knew that Georgia (the Eastern European country) had more in common, like an affinity for the stars and bars, than their anglicized name with Georgia (the U.S. state)?

  2. Dorothy

    Haven’t looked at the whole thing yet, but if the UK’s major posseroo’s are listed, it would surprise me if the UK itself isn’t listed. Sun sets on the British Empire, my Aunt Petula!

  3. Dorothy

    Re: kbiel

    Georgia….Georgia… :-)

  4. A1

    do you forget iran ??? iran is very bad for business .

  5. Tim

    hell yeah New Zealand

  6. nonosh

    Hah, Georgia is misrepresented by using the previous flag of the American state. The country’s flag is actually white and red.

    Since the readers are giving shout-outs to their mentioned nations, I’ll give one for my ethnic homeland as well:

    Armenia! Yeah! Recognition, woo-hoo!

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