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Signal to Noise: A Time Lapse Video of the Very Large Array [Video]

Time lapse footage, beautiful scenery, massive radio dishes scanning deep space, what more can one ask for in a video?

Video courtesy of Douglas Koke:

Time-lapse footage taken at the Very Large Array in Socorro, New Mexico; one of the largest Radio Astronomy Observatories in the world.

As a learning exercise, and something to challenge myself, I wanted to try to combine two of my favorite things: motion-graphics and time-lapse photography. I also wanted to see if I could stretch my editing techniques a little further.

The VLA really is a legitimately amazing thing to see in person. If you’ve ever considered making a visit, you should. It’s an awe-inspiring feat of human engineering, and the surroundings are gorgeous. Unbelievable skies in New Mexico. I caught some nasty weather, but it was still a great experience. I’m definitely going back!

[via Geeks Are Sexy]

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  • Published 02/1/12

Comments (4)

  1. Jason

    That is a really cool video. What did you use to make it?

  2. mikexeno

    Amazing video. Music is not to bad either.

  3. Alex

    The whole jerky, flashy effects that most people are using today are very obnoxious and overdone, this could have been done much better without all the distracting hype.

  4. crab

    Interesting, but I agree with Alex, all the added noise detracts from the signal.

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