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Classic Atari Games Updated with Realistic Titles

What would classic Atari games of yesteryear look like if the titles were a bit more realistic? One garage sale haul and some Photoshop work later, we can take a peek at some updated box art.

Over at MightGodKing they took a pile of mint condition Atari 2600 game boxes, scored at a garage sale, and put them under the Photoshop knife to update the titles to more accurate versions. Hit up the link below for dozens of gems including “Terrorists In The Year 3000″ and “Dude, We Shouldn’t Have Done that Acid, My Hands Feel Like Twizzlers… Oh, Man, Twizzlers”.

Fun From Yesterday [MightyGodKing via Neatorama]

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  • Published 01/2/12

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  1. Jaybee

    People reading this article may be interested in the Atari 2600 “Extra Terrestrials” game that was never commercially sold and only recently discovered:

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