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Soluto Beta Manages All Your PCs from a Web Browser (We Have Invites!)


Anti-frustration software maker Soluto has just launched their newest product, and it’s pretty great. Now you can manage all of your (and your family members’) computers from one web interface. It’s in private beta, but we’ve got invites for How-To Geek readers.

Note: We’re going to take you through a couple of screenshots and show the basics of how it works, but there’s too much to really put into a single article—so you can, and should, make sure to grab the link and invite code from the bottom of the article and install it for yourself.

Soluto’s New Web-Based Computer Management

Once you’ve signed up and created an account, you’ll be able to see the main management panel, which lets you see all of your computers at a glance and invite friends or family members that you help to install the client on their machine. Once you’ve added your computers and gotten your family members to sign up as well, you can see everything in one screen like this:


Once you dive down into one of the computers, you’ll see an overview of the computer (the screenshot at the top of the article), and you can perform all the same tasks that you are familiar with from the old version of Soluto, like removing applications from your boot, which is almost easier to do from the web interface.

Note: the great thing is that the other computer does not have to be online to perform these tasks. The next time their computer boots up, Soluto will make the changes required.


You can check their Firewall status, Windows patches, and if they don’t have any anti-virus installed, you can even push the installation down to their machine—either AVG Free or Microsoft Security Essentials, and make sure that it’s updated. It will automatically install on their computer.


There’s an entire panel to clean up browser extensions and plugins and change the browser home page or search engines, which might seem silly to a geek, but this is one of the most tedious and annoying things to deal with on a family member’s PC, especially when they install junkware that changes them or installs toolbars. You can just quickly click to change everything back to normal.


There’s even a hardware view that shows you everything from driver versions to the CPU temperature.  That’s right, you can see the fan speed and CPU temperature from a web browser anywhere.


There’s a lot more that you can do in the management panel, but you can go and check it out for yourself. Soluto has also told us that they will be pushing down a lot of updates over the next few months, and adding even more management capabilities—we can’t tell you everything they’ve got planned, but rest assured that it’s pretty cool.

Important Notes and Other FAQs

You might have a few questions, and here’s your answers:

  • Soluto Web will always be free for up to 5 computers. More than that will eventually cost money.
  • Anybody you invite won’t need a code.
  • Yes, you should try it out.

We should also note, for all the haters out there, that this is not a marketing post. We actually like and recommend Soluto, and the guys over there at Soluto have always been friends of us here at How-To Geek.

Grab Your Copy of New Soluto

There’s nothing left to do but sign up and test it out for yourself. Just head to the link, use the code, and then sign up for an account.

Code: howtogeeksentme


Note: their servers are getting hit pretty hard this morning.
Be sure to let us know what you think in the comments.

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  • Published 12/13/11

Comments (47)

  1. Bubby4j

    When I was at the signup form, clicking submit didn’t seem to do anything. You might need to go into google chrome and do a little javascript magic…

  2. Mitch Garcia

    The code doesn’t work.

  3. The Geek

    It seems like their submit form is having some issues first thing this morning, probably due to the number of people. If you try it again, it should work.

  4. Roee Adler (Soluto)

    Hey guys, we’ve had a blast of users, things are supposed to be more responsive now. Please don’t expect perfection, we’re doing our best to improve it every hour. The code howtogeeksentme should work perfectly now. Enjoy :)

  5. Miguel Ribeiro

    After 3 ou 4 tries I managed to successfuly submit the form. However, the site is slow… maybe due to a request “flood”?

  6. Thomly

    I try to add my laptop but it doesn’t work, it just gives an error message and the “read more” links to a 404 page.

    Windows 7 64bit?

  7. Legion

    Hum… in what part is this diferent from Google Remote Desktop App?

  8. cenzo

    only works if you cut and paste. The code howtogeeksentme should work perfectly now. Enjoy :)

  9. bobgrosh

    I find this program to be very frustrating.
    ( using Windows 7 and Google Chrome browser )
    Signed up, got the email, clicked on link and added my computer. it downloaded the file, Executed the file and don’t see anything installed.
    The user interface still says I have to “Install on This PC”
    It does another download but nothing happens, If I right click and select “Open” nothing really shows up. A refresh of the browser still shows I need to install on this pc,

    I repeat: F R U S T R A T I N G

  10. Fred Gere

    I am inputting the code…..howtogeeksentime…….It comes back and says incorrect access code…Is it case sensative……I use Soluto on my laptop…..It helps speed it up….I am a believer…can you help with the access code…..Thanks

  11. Asgaro

    Thanks, it works!

  12. Fred Gere

    I cut and paste the access code howtogeeksentime 4 times…..still does not accept it….

  13. bobcabbage

    Works 100% for me, nice. will give it a try!

  14. bobcabbage

    @Cheffybot KVM switch? would be nice if anyone has software that does that

  15. Ken

    Hmm tried to install this software but the installer does not seem to do anything and therefore “My PC’s” are showing as needing downloads…bug or what!

  16. Adam

    Took me a few tries, an I did end up cutting and pasting. Worked fine on the 5th try though.

  17. claudiarae

    I downloaded this program and see that it is downloaded on my computer, however where is it? Do you have to have Chrome installed and that’s where you find and work with the program?

  18. claudiarae

    I uninstalled the program from my computer, it did nothing! If I clicked on Soluto, it said the program was installed successfully, then at the bottom it said close. I clicked close and there never was any information about my computer or anything else. What should have happened and do I need to reinstall the program again to see if something will work??

  19. Kumasi

    Still trying to get to the goodies!

  20. Xhi

    I GOT-R-DONE. I had to copy and paste the code, but then it worked. I had clicked in the first box before I really read it I hope I was supposed to put my name in there since the prompt went away when I clicked. So I memorized the other two, lol. Should fix that so the prompts stay in the box or beside it. After downloading the “Needs Download” remained on the screen, but refreshing the window got that up to date.

    Looks interesting. Looking forward to using it.

  21. Ken

    Got mine working now, it was AVG(free) taht was not allowing certain stuff to happen so the software closed down without installing……Stopped AVG working and all is now well

  22. jester

    Is there an installer for mac?

  23. tcvarlh

    code worked but installer sits and sulks as admin or user. bit of a glitch mayhap?

  24. J. Anthony Carter

    Had to enter the code and “submit” it twice but after that… no problemo!

  25. bobgrosh

    OK, after the download, locate the executable and right click then click “Run as Administrator”


  26. maxine

    well the code dont work for me nor does my email work. to get into this program.

  27. Brendan

    Code works fine. Thanks a mil!

  28. Mitch

    Got it to accept the code finally. I was trying to enter the code in Chrome but it seemed to just refresh the page every time I hit submit. I tried switching to Internet Explorer and it worked just fine.

  29. Anonymous

    I suspect a lot of these problems may also/instead be due to firewall and/or anti-virus configurations.

    If you’re running any version of Windows that is still supported by Microsoft you almost certainly have a firewall running. But that’s not the only place to look either. If you use a router you may also want to look at it’s settings particularly with regard to port triggering/forwarding/blocking. (I think we’ve all been guilty of overlooking this stuff at least once, so a little reminder may help.)

    And as far as anti-virus stuff goes, every one of them is a little bit different but they all do pretty much the same thing. Most will check for open ports and nearly all of them will check files or at least for suspicious file tampering. So it may be necessary to temporarily suspend your A/V A/M stuff at least until you get your Saluto going. And while you’re running unprotected, I don’t suggest you do anything stupid like surf web sites or send/receive email, etc. either. (You’ve been warned!)

    Aside from that, can anyone tell me how Saluto is going to make – or plans to make any money at this? Is this just another ploy to gather email addresses for subsequent spamming (either directly from Saluto, indirectly by selling the email info, or both)? Or will this be funded by advertisements where the only way to get rid of (or reduce) any adds would be to pay up? Because those are about the only ways I see this product remaining “free” from a company that almost certainly want’s to make a buck or two. I really want to know what Saluto’s plans are before I jump in. After all, this all sounds just a little too good to be true.

    So I suppose what I really want is some kind of pledge from Saluto that “free means free” and that their policy will never change. I don’t want to see Saluto morph into some sort of spam-a-lot add-pumping engine and I don’t want is to see Saluto take the same business approach that companies like United Online (aka Netzero) did. Promising unlimited free use and then nearly (or totally) revoking those promises is not only sleazy but it could even be illegal!

  30. Bryan

    This is great utility, been using it for a number of months now.
    There are a couple concerns here with blindly migrating to the newest web version.
    First there is the big feature there called heal crashes. While I don’t experience all that many, the one’s I have had were not identified in any way that helped track down the cause, and despite the promise of better results over time, I haven’t seen anything healed – EVER. We sacrifice a lot of privacy regarding when and what we run on our systems for this, so for what? I’m guessing the data.
    Second while it is useful to recommend it and configure it for other users who depend on us for support, it is something that only helps if we know how they use the system. Something best done in person. For example my Increiadicted friend is gonna loose it if suddenly the mail man in the tuxedo is not there first thing serving up the daily spam. What default setting is gonna make that happen? (none I hope) All these people we add are merely expanding the mining opportunities.
    Is the Web browser tool still there? Not that it was anything special, browser add-on config is pretty straightforward, if folks weren’t doing that already I doubt this tool would prompt them to do so. I also quickly looses track of installed browsers with their frequent version updates.
    Remind me again why this program is so great? Thanks.

  31. Atakan

    haha, this is great

  32. dave

    the code does not work

  33. saikia

    didn’t get the e-mail (I actually tried hard to find it!)
    but no e-mail :(

  34. Henry

    for some reason pasting didn’t work but when I manually typed howtogeeksentme it worked

  35. HackToHell

    This TOTALLY rocks :) :) :)

  36. Mike

    I will not allow access to my computers from any cloud. Its not safe no matter what any marketing people blab about.

  37. LisaWeb

    This is a HUGE privacy concern for me too @Mike. I dont know why people are so careless with signing up for cloud-based whatever and then whine when their data is compromised.

  38. madis

    I’m sticking with VNC ^_^

  39. shotgunrider

    I have been messing with computers and computer software since 1984 and this is the worst unuser friendly program I have seen in a long time…maybe because it is beta or maybe it is because it is not even ready for beta. Nevertheless, it does not work as advertised. I will wait for the completed version.

  40. Art€

    Just downloaded to my netbook and will give it a spin. (had a couple of hic cups but now downloaded alright).
    I’d used there Soluto start up on my Laptop and am / was very pleased with it.

  41. GeorgiaCowboy

    I’m gonna try this but would like to know what kind of RESOURCES this thing uses compared to what I might STOP from running on boot.
    Also I’D like to LOOK AT their computer MYSELF to check taskmanager, sysinfo, mem usage, errors that pop up, programs installed, ect., using something like teamviewer or crossloop.
    I could see this being handy for “first glimpse” but don’t see this helping me solve more problems than maybe too much crap running on boot.

  42. GeorgiaCowboy

    Had to paste the code twice but at least it worked.
    I bookmarked this page.
    Guess we’ll see how this works in the “real world”.

    I’m NOT JUST the family “go to guy”, PC repair is part of what earns my way in this world.

  43. roystreet

    Do you have to use Chrome?
    Will it support other browsers?

  44. JayMan

    I had no isues getting or installing it on any of the Computers I have. Thanks and so far it Works for all 5 it’s is Good Thanks Fellow Geeks.

  45. Rick

    I tried it several times during the day to allow for server overload. I never got it to show that I had installed it and I never could get my desktop to connect to it. It just said waiting for approval. So I don’t know what all it does if anything.

  46. Rick

    HMMM…after reading some post that I didn’t see, I didn’t have a code. Can anybody it works for drop some hints so the rest of us can enjoy it’s magical powers???

  47. Kenny

    I have had Soluto installed on my XP Laptop for about a year. Approximatly 2 months ago it stopped working. I appears to start with the Splash screen then just dissapears. I don’t think i installed any new software around the time. All the Microsoft updates are currently installed. McAfee Virus protection My current Online protector. Your Help would be appreciated. Or some suggestions perhaps a removal and Re-install might be required. Every time i start the laptop it say’s Learning Boot.
    Then nothing.

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