Ask HTG: Why Is My Computer Waking Up Prematurely?

Putting your computer to sleep overnight to save energy and resume your work first thing in the morning is a handy trick, but what if your computer wakes itself up early like an energetic toddler? Read on as we help a fellow reader figure out what exactly is waking his PC up.



Rock Multiple Cities’ Foundations in Demolition City 2

Everyone needs a break from time to time while working, so why not have a bit of fun as well while relaxing? Today’s offering puts you in charge of clearing out old buildings with explosives, all while testing your creative thinking and puzzle solving skills to the limit!

by about 8 hours ago


Apple has Launched its new OS X Beta Seed Program, Open to All Consumers

Except for one instance in 2000, Apple’s OS X betas have only been available to developers. However, this is no longer true. Starting this week, any and all who are interested in trying out the latest beta version of OS X can get their hands on it via Apple’s new Beta Seed Program!

by about 1 day ago


Climate and Astronomy in ‘Game of Thrones’

Even though it is a fictional setting, many people have speculated about the possible causes of the unpredictable winters in Westeros. Professor Mike Merrifield discusses the various theories that have been put forth so far and adds an interesting one of his own in today’s video!

by about 2 days ago


Heartbleed – Running the Code

No doubt you have heard about the Heartbleed bug non-stop since it came to light earlier this month, but how exactly does it work while the code is running?. YouTube channel Computerphile looks at the code, runs it, and shows you just how it works in today’s video.

by about 3 days ago


Desktop Fun: Castles Wallpaper Collection Series 2

Castles stir the imagination, leading us to wonder about their history, the people that lived in them, and the events they were witness to. Explore these awesome stone treasures from the past on your desktop with the second in our series of Castles Wallpaper collections.

by about 6 days ago


Ubuntu 14.04 LTS Stable is now Available for Download

The long wait is finally over…the stable release of Ubuntu 14.04 LTS has arrived and is now available for download in ten different ‘flavors’. So grab a copy of your favorite distributions and get ready for a weekend full of Linux-based fun!

by about 6 days ago


Microsoft Office Online Apps are Now Available in the Chrome Store

Microsoft has been on a roll as of late with their Office Online suite, so this week’s announcement about Office Online apps for Chrome just sweetens the deal even more. Now you can pick and choose from Word Online, Excel Online, PowerPoint Online, and OneNote Online apps to make your Chrome browser more productive than ever before!

by about 7 days ago


Critical Java Updates Released and Available for Download

Oracle has just released new updates that patch 37 security holes in their Java Runtime Environment software. So if you are one of the individuals who needs Java on your system for Minecraft or other specific apps, then you need to download the latest update to make sure your system is as secure as possible.

by about 8 days ago


The Science of Dust

While we may think of dust as a nuisance, there is a lot more to it than we give it credit for. We can find it everywhere…even in space, and it has a bigger impact on our lives, the weather, and our environment than we realize. YouTube channel PBS Digital Studios looks at this small, yet powerful ‘substance’ in today’s video.

by about 9 days ago


How Much can Data Improve our Health?

Wearable tech such as the Nike Fuelband, Fitbit, and Jawbone are becoming quite popular, but are these activity trackers actually helpful in improving our health, or are they just an information-laden fad? YouTube channel PBS Digital Studios discusses the topic in their latest video.

by about 10 days ago
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